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The air smells like flowers and grass. Naruto, Shikamaru and Kiba are hanging outside… Kiba: Are you guys high? Oh, boy, I cant wait to train with Hinata! Can you beat her? Aaaah, yes, I almost forgot you girlfriend is coming!

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Her name is Ino by ninetytwochairsonetable “‘Ino, are you ready’ Inoichi stood by her side and held her hand. He knew her answer. She knew he knew. But his hand and his voice were enough to steel her mind.

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Hey Caleb says Naruto Hey Naruto you gonna ask my sister out. Dude shut up Naruto says as he punches me in the shoulder. As we run down the street we run into Temari. You fall over her luckily the guys weren’t looking but Sakura was. Oh Caleb you like Temari she said blushing. Sakura shut up you whisper angrily. As she runs home to tell mom.

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JPMod Love can pop up unexpectedly with someone you least imagine to fall for. All Naruto characters are the copyright of Masashi Kishimoto. I’m just borrowing them to write up a story with no intention of making any money. This is for fun. No copying of my story is allowed.

Naruto thought Shikamaru and Temari were on a date, a scene very similar to another one where Kakashi thought Asuma and Kurenai were on a date. [5] Temari thinks highly of Shikamaru’s intelligence, to the point she believed he would be a good Hokage.

Their Relationship Ino smitten by Sai upon first meeting him Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission When Sai visits the hospital with his teammates in order to be introduced to his new team leader Kakashi following their failed mission, they also run into Team 10 when Asuma barges into Kakashi’s room uninvited. Here, Ino encounters Sai for the first time and she quickly becomes captivated by him due to finding him attractive.

Ino can be seen staring and blushing at Sai’s presence when they’re at the hospital and she compliments his looks whilst talking to Sakura. Sakura tells Ino that although Sai is attractive, he has poor social skills but this doesn’t deter Ino from her interest in him. Ino, who has already become smitten upon meeting Sai, devises a plan to sit next to him so she can flirt with him as both their teams are invited to go to Yakiniku Q by Asuma.

Sai naming Ino “Ms. Beautiful” When Team 10 without Shikamaru and Team 7 all go out to dinner, Ino sits next to Sai and begins flirting with him. Sai, having read in a book that you can form closer bonds with people by giving them nick-names based on their perceived personality traits, calls Ino “Miss Beautiful”, causing her to blush and become flustered whereas Sakura becomes enraged as Sai previously called her “ugly” and Sakura was gleefully expecting him to do the same to Ino.

It is stated in the light novels that following the aftermath of the war, Ino realises that her mild attraction to Sasuke was nothing more than a childish crush like what most girls at the academy also had on him, especially compared to Sakura’s genuine love for him.

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Fifth Water Shadow of Kirigakure. After the dreadful reign of Yagura Karatachi ended, she became Mizukage and worked tirelessly to reform internal policies and recreate diplomatic relations with other villages. After listening to her aids , Mei informed the Hokage that her village wouldn’t be joining. Mei is generally a kind and cheerful person, speaking well of others and attempting to avoid conflict.

Naruto pulled Temari off of him and said, “Temari, Tenten, come with me into the bedroom.” “Sakura, Ino, I want you to fuck each other until I come for you.” He then added.

Azure Fang Midnight Blade Crimson Fist A young girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes was studying a scorpion that found his way into their backyard. Her mother was watching her from a distance with a smile on her face. The name of the girl is Yumiko, Nozomi Yumiko. Her shoulder length hair blew with the wind. Akemi watched as her daughter left the backyard to go play with her friend. She was debating whether she should tell her about her father. If anyone would find out who her father is Yumiko would be in danger They spoke about all sorts of things.

You told me that many times. Besides, I met him! Being the eldest child must be hard when you have two little brothers” Yumiko laughed.


Shortly after she was born, her mother died, and an agent of Orochimaru took her. Her father was told that both died in the operation, which was crushing to the man. Personality Tayuya was foul-mouthed towards most people, especially Jirobo , calling him “fatty”, as he criticised her over it.

A Naruto Temari fanfic, because I love this pairing. Naruto looked up towards his comrade and best friend as he told him to do everything he could to rescue Sakura and .

Pero la libertad y la felicidad son privilegios que Sasuke no posee. As she grows older and more skilled, Amari reunites with her childhood friend, Gaara, considering they both share a common factor. She relies on her personal skill and confidence, but those can only take her so far when a much greater fight comes her way. A girl who’s loved by her adoptive parents, struck up an unlikely friendship with a standoffish boy, and befriended an enemy.

During the warring-states-period, it’s hard to preserve such fantastical life. She lost her loved ones before. She’s about to lose more than her name and a loved one. Sickle and the Straw Man by reebajee First everyone assumed they wore masks to hide their resemblance to their father so not to become targets for Sakumo’s enemies outside the village. Then they guessed it was to protect themselves from the scorn of the citizens within. They were wrong on both counts though. Kakashi and Kama wore their masks not to hide their resemblance to their mother.

So he decides to take Pity on naruto by reviving Minato completely. Cuando el sobrepeso resulta ser un problema para Iruka, justo conoce a Kakashi. Good Day by HiiroAi Temari yang terluka di hutan konoha saat ingin mendatangi suatu rapat.

I Love You (Gaara fanfiction)

I love all ur shikatema scenario.. It was so cute.. How do u get an idea like that, i can’t never imagine.. Can u do one scenario for me?? Like shikamaru is so jealous when temari with another man and he get possesive??

In the aftermath of the Konoha Crash, Suna’s offer of political marriage between Naruto and Temari is accepted by the Konoha Council. Initially forced together, Naruto and Temari quickly grow closer but destiny has many challenges for the couple. Eventual unconventional Temari/Naruto/Ino. First fanfic so early chapters are quite rough.

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Princess Akasha This community is for ItachiSakura fans. Only fics centering around Naruto will be found here. Yaoi and het is included. Zia of the Ice Any good naruto fics.

The only good lemon in fanfiction I’ve seen wasn’t even a Naruto fic, it was a one piece fic. Lemons can be good if executed properly but your not likely to find any good ones, especially in a Naruto fandom.

Contents Background A young Toneri with his clan. Growing up with his father on the Moon, Toneri desired human friends, unlike the puppet servants that served his family. On the verge of death, his father told Toneri to forget about the clan’s decree and go to Earth to find friends and comrades all the while living for his own sake. After his passing, Toneri thought about his ancestor’s wishes, leading to him deciding to stay on the moon isolated as the last surviving member of his clan’s branch family, which he found difficult.

He usually displays a calm and cool demeanour driven to completing the Thousand Year Plan to wipe out the shinobi world. He has also shown to be hypocritical, despite hating humanity for using chakra as a weapon, he used it to attack Naruto Uzumaki and the rest of the rescue team. Overwhelmed with jealousy, Toneri destroys Hinata’s scarf. Due to his love for Hinata, he wishes to take her away before the world is destroyed.

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